Newness & Change

January 30, 2011 at 2:04 am (Uncategorized)

So many things have changed since August. We’re dealing with a special needs child, the addition of a new cat, readjustments of medications for more than one of us, and the death of one of our household.

Many things have changed.

Tonight, a ray of hope and sunshine: Wolf and a friend of ours (we’ll called him S), spent at least an hour beating the hell out of me. It was wonderful and a lot of fun, for all of us I think (I hope).

I’ve learned some Gorean positions, which are pretty awesome and useful.

I’m discussing with one of my best friends a project we’re going to do. That. Will be awesome.

Another friend has shown me new music (Iron & Wine), another has introduced me to a series of books (Redwall), and I still need to make a mix CD for another.

Guardian Island is a refuge some days.

I have old friend who has become a much better friend. This makes me happy.

It’s cold and I have fleece blankets and a cuddly dog, and Daddy will be in bed soon.


And post-scene euphoria 🙂



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