Late night thoughts.

July 18, 2010 at 12:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Somewhat inspired by doubleknot’s rules and mostly by my current situation, I’ve been thinking about computer-related rules and restrictions, off and on, for the last few days. I’ve been without constant Internet access these last few days, and while I haven’t had any housework to do, it has increased my productivity. I’ve spent more time with my son. I’ve written journal entries and blog posts and a few lines of fiction. I’ve finished two books.

I’ve carried my laptop around the house, closed, and opened it occasionally to do something here and there.

It may be beneficial for me to have very specific uses to which I can put my computer.

I have an iPod. I have books and music on it. My justification in asking for it was to facilitate my housework.

I have not used it for that.

I need to.

I need to trim my email inbox again. I need to unsubscribe from all unnecessary things. I need to filter other things.

Streamlined computer usage.

It’s almost 1am and my friends just left and the baby is asleep and I’m rambling.

I know I let my computer eat my time. I shouldn’t let it. It is not beneficial to my household.

So, first: Analysis.

What do I use my computer for?

-emailing Daddy
-other email
-researching how to be a better submissive and household manager/housekeeper
-iPod-related stuff (for me and for the child)
-communication with friends and my mother
-social club stuff – my office as a list mod
-the editing project for a frined
-general downtime/self-care (Netflix, role-playing, Guardian Island, food, reading, etc)
-Google Reader (sub blogs & MLIA)

I need a couple of hours where I focus on cleaning and clearing out my email, and setting up the appropriate filters. And then putting into place a program where I actually check those filters in a systematic way, to get everything done that I need to get done in a day. And so that missing one day won’t mean I’m drowning in email.

I need to be ruthless.

Potential options: Non-productive computer time earned on a merit system. Specific times of day for household research, club stuff, and role-playing (or special permission to keep up with certain threads via my phone). Specified blogging time.

I need to get the kitchen clean after dinner and the coffee made BEFORE dinner.

Another moment: I talked to Daddy on the phone just now to say goodnight, and I hear in his voice confidence, and love. I explained the computer time thing and he said we’d discuss it when we’re together and can sit down and figure it out and how to fit it into a schedule.

A moment of effortless control. It turns me on.

I like reading other peoples’ rules and protocols. I crave a similar document, something concrete to follow. Something very real.

I want a new rosary, something I can dedicate to slave prayers. I also wish I’d brought my wooden rosary with me, but I brought a hundred other things. I need to learn to pack lighter. Granted, this is lighter, comparatively.

I forget I’m wearing my collar except when I move and feel it. I wore it tight today and it was a near-constant reminder. It’s . . . awesome. Truly awesome.

1:21am. Time for sleep. Thank you, Daddy, for not requiring my 10:30 bed time during this trip.

I will try to be better about sticking to it when I get home.



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