Exercise, Discipline, Affection

June 9, 2010 at 4:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m intrigued by the vastness of the world. That’s not how that sentence started out, but it’s appropriate.

There are so many things that can be controlled, on a day to day basis. Tiny little things that people take for granted, freedoms people don’t even realize are freedoms. And such a variety of ways those things can be controlled…

What comes to mind right now are doors. Some subs are to open the doors for their Doms. Some subs are not allowed to touch doors. I understand the reasoning for both of these–the former says, “You are my servant.” while the latter can say, “You are my property and I control your movement in the world.”

“You are my servant.” makes sense to me on an intrinsic, butlerine level. “I control your movement in the world” makes sense to my dog-training, pack-oriented, canine brain. It’s one of the basic principles of pack structure.

Of course, always opening the door for a sub could just mean the Dom is a gentleman 🙂 I’ve always expected Big Brother to give the standing order that I am to go through doors ahead of him–contravening my instinct–but he never has.

I like the idea of protocol for most things, and of protocol that carries over into public, daily life. Any protocol for doors, or eating (specific rules on what foods are allowed), or when the sub can eat, or if permission to begin eating is required, waiting for Dom to eat first, etc.

I’m also interested in less obvious protocol. I know of subs who are required to keep the bathroom door open when they’re using the toilet (to indicate lack of privacy when it comes to their Dom), or who must ask permission for every bathroom visit. What other forms of bathroom-related control are are possible? Must practice Kegel exercises while urinating, must wash hands (or wash hands with a particular soap), apply lotions, clean up in a certain way every time (with water and soap, a rag, powders or lotions, etc).

In my household, I would not be surprised if neglecting self-care became a punishable offense. When I neglect self-care, or when anyone else does, it makes us less capable, or even incapable, of serving.

Much of what I read describes Dominant partners using their positions to improve their subs’ habits, mental health, and lives. I see a lot of food-related rules, to help with gaining or losing weight (depending on the issues the sub faces), money rules, rules against self-loathing, but what I sometimes don’t see put in place is the protocol to explain how to do these things.

I would be intrigued by many things being controlled (through specific protocol, rules, and/or restriction), for my improvement or for Wolf’s or Daddy’s pleasure or amusement. Some ideas:
-social interaction
-food (my diet is already restricted, through personal choice, but I am not currently held accountable if I cheat)
-clothing (uniform? dress code? I want a long apron)
-computer time (eek)
-using doors
-moving through the world in any way

Now, anything that can be seen as a privilege–chocolate, computer time, apple juice–can be restricted, thus used as reward. If allowed freely, then removal of it can be punishment. If access is restricted, then it can be used as a reward.

I think that’s all I’ve got on that subject today.

Thank you for reading! 🙂



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