May 12, 2010 at 8:48 pm (Uncategorized)

When I’m writing here, I usually aim for 350 words. I’m not sure why, but I do. It seems like a decent number of words, for some reason.

Baby and I have a strange cough. He seems to have a sore throat as well, and if it keeps us awake tonight like it did last night, I may have to destroy small villages with my rage.

I’m not sure what to ramble about. What else is new? Yet again, I waited till night time to write. That always seems stupid.

I would love to get my mind together enough to write articles, explain some things, ramble about the lifestyle from my point of view. But my brain goes in a hundred different directions…

I want sex. Right this second.

I also want to stop coughing, and I want to be out shopping with Daddy and Wolf rather than lying here getting my nipples chewed on by a grumpy, over-zealous toddler.

And I want to spin yarn, and sleep, and read, and take a bath, and comment on other subs’ blogs, and…

See? Directions.

This cough drop is not helping.

I would like rules and protocol, but I want them to be enforced. To mean something. They can be completely arbitrary and silly, so long as they matter in some way… at least enough that violations are at least noticed. This is something I expect Wolf can help with, though I can also imagine a “you must confess, and explain how it might have worked better” sort of clause being used…

At the moment, I want to message and friend lunaKM (who runs Submissive Guide) on fetlife, but my fetlife profile still reflects the time when I was not allowed to speak to people without Daddy’s permission… that particular thing has seemed lax lately, and I don’t know for sure if it’s still in effect.

Obviously this is a conversation I should be having with Daddy, not the Internet, but he’s not here at this moment and I have to write something. So the Internet it is :p

Things that help keep me sane:
-my dog
-sub blogs/fetlife/the Internet BDSM community
-knowing my place/being reminded of my place
-the house being tidy
-F350 flatbed…

Things that do not help keep me sane:
-my psychologist
-hot chocolate with soy instead of milk 😦
-noise toys

And it occurs to me that it’s been way too long since I really indulged in being little. I should play on Guardian Island tomorrow.

Time to read, I think. Night!




  1. Wolf said,

    “you must confess, and explain how it might have worked better”
    Good clause. I will remember this one. You made me proud this evening. I must sleep, now. Awaken me around lunch. And, if Slaveboy drinks the last cup of coffee, one of you will make a second cup. I don’t care who does it, but it is your responsibility to insure it is there when I awaken.

    Sweet dreams.


  2. littlekatieface said,

    The evening was interesting and good. I plan on writing about it later, although I should have done it this morning… or immediately after, when it was fresh.

    The feeling of ease didn’t last long, though, and I went to bed cranky. I’m sorry for that, to Daddy and to you.

    I have this horrible mental image of coffee grounds and broken coffee machine parts all over the counter if slaveboy tries to make the coffee in one of his angry moods…

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