Quotes from today.

May 7, 2010 at 10:30 pm (Uncategorized)

“Ahh, you like hearing that, don’t you, slut? Daddy’s cumslut. You just like being called Daddy’s cunt, don’t you? Whore.”

Wolf: You need anything, Katie?
Me: Uhh… three redheads, half a bridge, and some flowers.
Daddy: And a train. An elevator train!
Me: -flowers, and caboose. ELEVATOR TRAIN!!!
Wolf: Why do you need a bridge?
Me: HALF a bridge I said.
Wolf: What do you want with half a bridge?
Me: [rolls eyes] For the flowers.
Wolf: That’s what the caboose is for.
Me: NO it’s NOT.
Wolf: Then what’s the caboose for?
Me: [huff] The CHOCOLATE!

And then Wolf’s mate walked outside, came back, handed me a toy train, half a toy bridge, and a flower. And then Wolf pulled out three of her red hairs and handed them to me as well.

I has stuff!

Me: I have to write a blog post.
Daddy: Yes, you do.
Me: But I want to spend time with you.
Daddy: Yes, but it goes back to requirements and priorities.
Me: What priorities?
Daddy: Right now, your priority is to do what Wolf told you to do.



  1. Wolf said,

    Very cute. I determine that this is acceptable for today’s post.


  2. littlekatieface said,

    *grin* Why thank you.

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