Strange day…

May 5, 2010 at 5:46 am (Uncategorized)

(May 5, 6:46am: This post was meant to publish at around 2am, before I went to sleep. I thought I hit ‘publish’ as the baby was waking up and crawling to me, but apparently I didn’t, because I wake up now and see that it hadn’t. It’s published now. We’ll see what consequences are incurred. Sigh.)

So I was going to post:

baby is asleep
this is a text message post
goodnight. -katieface

from my phone, but Wolf said that would be a placeholder post, and the same rules from before would apply–two days in a row of “real” posts.

So here I am at way-to-late-at-night, rambling. I have to get up in the morning, because, well, the baby wakes up early, and then I have a psychologist appointment. Hopefully the reduced sleep won’t be an issue, though, because I pretty much slept all day.

Because depression sucks. Because pain sucks. Because fighting sucks.

And because Wolf’s mate is awesome. A lot of awesome. And when I did try to force myself to be up and help take care of the baby, she told me to go back to bed. So I did, and then slept till Daddy got home.

I’m really not sure what happened last night–Daddy was feeling… distracted? And he and I kind of blew up, except I didn’t blow up, I just kind of… imploded ? I don’t know. It sucked. It’s better now.

I don’t want to tell my psychologist that there was sort of a fight, because the last time I did that, she made a face and said, “Oh what, AGAIN?” in a very unprofessional manner, and that did not make me feel like telling her such things.

We played with a ferret today 😀 Wolf and I tried to convince Daddy to get us the lonely ferret at the pet store. My hands still kinda smell like ferret, and soap, and honey (because I’ve washed my hands and used lotion since then). It’s kind of awesome.

I need to sleep. Baby is going to wake up soon for milk, and my eyes burn.

Tomorrow will be interesting, because the psychologist is… meh.




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