Hi again.

April 28, 2010 at 7:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Baby and Ma’am are asleep very early. Daddy and Alpha Wolf are discussing their finances, and I’ve been allowed to sit with them and play on my computer. The light is low, we’re sitting at the dining table, two laptops, I’m listening to Gothic Rock on Last.fm, Daddy has icecream, Wolf has chicory coffee.

“It tastes like old,” I said.
“Like the 1800s,” he agreed.

Many things have changed in the last few weeks, among them:
-Wolf is now in charge of my training. Daddy asked for mentoring, and I am proud of them both.
-I am now gluten and casein-free, which would take a lot of explaining, but the reason is it helps with my ADD (I can complete tasks now! Amazing!) But I have just had three tastes of Wolf’s cafe au lait, and so my brainpower will probably fade as I write.
-I have regular appointments with a psychologist who is not very helpful
-Wolf has e-cigarettes and they are awesome
-We all live in the same house, now
-I’ve been working on daily routines (even daily showers! take that, depression!)

This is such a nice feeling, sitting here when my chores are done and the baby is asleep, and Daddy and Wolf are dealing with household stuff.

The honest reason I hadn’t been posting was that there was no enforcement. If Daddy didn’t care enough to punish, why should I care enough to post? There are some other reasons–depression, life, having a child, etc–but that’s the main one.

Wolf says that’s going to change.

It’s time for the blog title to change, too.




  1. Wolf said,

    Your new title is going to be Ancora Imparo, for now. Love you.

  2. littlekatieface said,

    Ooo. I like that. Thank you.

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