February 23, 2010 at 5:28 pm (Uncategorized)

This weekend was bad.

So very bad.

I’m both ecstatic and terrified that I have another psychologist appointment tomorrow.

Ecstatic because I know I need it. Terrified because what if it doesn’t help in time?

Big Brother had to be called in this weekend to talk sense into me, and to use his healing magic.

And then it still wasn’t enough and Daddy held me while I screamed and thrashed and tried so hard to get away.

Thank you, Daddy, for not letting me win.

For not letting the darkness win.

Yes, yes, that was dramatic and emo and stuff. Sorry for that. It’s the best way for it to make sense to me, without going into boring clinical detail, or anonymity-destroying detail.

On a less ridiculous sort of note, I’ve followed the herd and signed up for Formspring.me. Head over there and ask me anything… if it’s not offensive, I’ll probably answer it.


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