Weekends are chaotic.

January 25, 2010 at 10:39 pm (Uncategorized)

At weekends, the family is often together. Ma’am, her Alpha, the slaveboy. Their dog, the actual canine. Sometimes the cat, too. Daddy, me, our son. And my dogs.

Our house is small, so this is a lot to deal with.

Daddy wanted me to write about this weekend, but I don’t really know what to say. There was some stuff that sort of looked like poly drama but turned out not to be, and there was communication and it was awesome. And I’m proud of everyone for it.

Yeah, that was vague. Okay, because this is supposed to be a chronicle:Slaveboy has abandonment issues, clinginess issues, paranoia and depression.
Ma’am has abandonment issues, depression issues, and severe/frequent chronic pain.
I have abandonment issues, depression issues, and moderate/frequent chronic pain.

I was doing okay. Ma’am was in serious pain. Daddy and Ma’am’s Alpha took the boy away to get dinner.

Slaveboy and I went off to have some fun of our own. We heard Ma’am trying to move; the pain made her scream. He lept up to go help her; she felt guilty for interrupting; he misinterpreted her guilt as anger/jealousy… it just got all mixed up. But we all talked about it, and no one was really angry, there was just a lot of pain, and everything is good now.

Let’s see, more on the weekend… Daddy was calm and patient with me even when I was out of line. I’m really appreciative of that.

I’m exhausted today. Ma’am and I were both in pain for the day, then okay for the evening… now it’s coming back, or at least it is for me. My brain isn’t working. I want to discuss things, I want to read about things. But I just don’t have the brainpower.

And I think Ma’am and I need some alone time, but one or both of us has been in too much pain for the last few days. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, while the boy is napping.

Here are the sites I read for some hours last night while the boy was trying to get to sleep:
This Thing We Do
Finding Sara
The Punishment Book

Shaving time! Yay service.


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