Erotic Slavehood, Lesson 1

January 22, 2010 at 3:15 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m going through the book Erotic Slavehood, doing the lessons in the workbook and recording them here. "Slave" will be replaced with "submissive", as I am not a slave.

The first lesson gives me two minutes to write down 20 words, thoughts, images that I associate with ‘submissive’. I didn’t get to 20, but here:

"Yes, sir."
cared for
being useful
Blessing my family
No responsibility (no, that’s not right)
Love. Love.
Subsuming my will to my alpha. (No, not exactly.)
Keep myself, my will, my being, but what alpha says goes.

The book seemed to expect me to come up with some self-denigrating things in there. The exercise was designed to help one feel less guilty for one’s submissive feelings. I honestly have no guilt about this (many, many other things, yes, but not this), so I’m not sure I really "get" this exercise.

But hopefully there’s something here to spark conversation or further thought. Daddy?

The second part of the exercise involved writing down affirmations. Mine are, for now:
I choose to live a life of service.
I consent.
ANCORA IMPARO – I am still learning.


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